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For questions regarding VA benefits, compensation, services or other resources, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs through their Inquiry Routing & Information System or call 1-(800)-827-1000.

For questions regarding DoD programs, services and resources, please e-mail the Wounded Warrior Resource Center at or call 1-(800)-342-9647.


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A: Your Military Service Record can be requested by using one of the resources found on this National Archives webpage:
A: Army Wounded Warrior Program - Call (877) 393-9058

Navy Safe Harbor - Wounded Warrior Program - Call (855) 628-9997

Air Force Wounded Warrior Program - Call (800) 581-9437

Marines Wounded Warrior Regiment - West Contact (888) 738-7044, East Contact (910) 451-2589

USSOCOM Warrior Care Program - Call (877) 672-3039

A: You can contact a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) who are available through organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars or the American Legion. VSOs are also provided by every state to help with VA benefits. For more information and links about Veteran Service Officers, please visit the following website:

Also, you can find assistance with VA benefits through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) website:

Additionally, you may find assistance with VA benefits at a local Vet Center in your area. Please visit the following website to search for Vet Centers in your area:

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